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Contego Recovery’s professional staff averages an industry-leading 18 years of insurance experience. A knowledgeable, experienced staff, well versed with legal, medical and insurance concepts, translates into larger recoveries within a shorter cycle time.


We believe the first 24 hours is the most impactful point in the life of a claim file, and therefore Contego Recovery utilizes it’s unique SWARM™ approach on each and every claim. The SWARM™ approach includes applying our proprietary predictive software, SUBROid™, on all newly reported claims, on a daily basis.
Leveraging analytics, allows us to “cast a wide net” when it comes to identifying claims with subrogation potential, at the earliest possible date. This is especially true with product-caused losses in which securing and evaluating the evidence is vital to preserving subrogation rights.


Our flexible plans allow our clients the choice of bundled and unbundled services. Contingency pricing is available for outsourced subrogation solutions while transactional plans may be best for arbitration or overflow services.


Outsourcing subrogation duties to a financially incented specialist, allows a carrier’s adjuster to focus 100% on claim management responsibilities, which enhances a carrier’s claim service product and improves their financial results.


For carriers which utilize outsourced subrogation solutions, they may also be allowed to apply these fees as ALAE on applicable Quota-Share reinsurance programs, versus retaining all of the ULAE costs for adjuster managed subrogation.

Recovery Estimate

Contego Recovery is the only known subrogation solutions provider in America offering its industry first RECOVERit™ solution, which allows a carrier, captive or self-insured to post a credit against their reserves, based upon the aggregate estimated recovery, calculated by Contego Recovery’s proprietary analytics.

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